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Simplot offers everything you need to raise healthy animals, from fresh made feed, to animal health products, to the expertise to answer your questions. Simplot Western Stockmen’s has you covered.
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Simplot Western Stockmen’s Offerings

Since 1959, the employees behind Simplot Western Stockmen’s (SWS) have been customer-focused and quality-driven with diverse products for the livestock and agriculture industries. We sell feed, animal health products, over-the-counter and prescription veterinary medications, hardware, fencing, pest control and more.

Simplot Western Stockmen’s sells products at locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

As part of the J.R. Simplot Company, SWS belongs to the Land & Livestock (L&L) group. Fellow L&L counterparts provide services such as custom feeding, livestock transportation and beef processing.

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Raising Animals Yourself?

That's where we come in.

At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, you can purchase animal health supplies, fencing, hardware, mineral and supplements, feed for a variety of animals and commodities.

Simplot Western Stockmen’s stores carry a complete line of products and supplies for your operation. We manufacture Pride™ – our own brand of high-quality, cost-effective feed, as well as provide made-to-order custom formulations. 

We act as a specialized dealer that sells everything animal owners need to raise healthy livestock. Our staff provides customers with a depth of knowledge and excellent service that other retailers do not. When animal owners have problems that need solving, we can provide the advice necessary to point them in the right direction.   

Don't count on a department store for animal expertise or locally produced, high-quality feed. Count on Simplot Western Stockmen's.

Do you have questions or specific needs? Come in and see us!  

If you have a large operation, be sure to ask about buying in bulk.


Animal Health Products

Simplot Western Stockmen’s is a preferred regional distributor of high-quality animal health products from top industry manufacturers. We provide all the necessary pharmaceuticals you need to raise healthy animals, from sheep and goats to dairy heifers or beef cattle. Our extensive selection includes vitamins, antibiotics, ear tags, coflex, needles and syringes to wormers, grooming products and related veterinary supplies. Plus, our experienced staff is prepared to answer many of your animal health questions.


Livestock Feeding Products

With a full selection of feeds, from daily rations to individually tailored feed supplements, Simplot Western Stockmen’s offers it all through our Pride line of livestock feeds. Let Pride supply your animals with the nutritional requirements they need through every developmental stage.

Pride is available in dry, bulk or packaged shipments from the Simplot Western Stockmen’s mill. Bulk shipments can be customized to meet the special needs of individual dairy, beef or cow/calf operations, grower and finish feedlots, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens.

Simplot also blends a selection of fry grains for your calf feeding needs.

Find a Store Near You to find the Pride product that suits you best! 

If you are looking for bulk feed, customized feed, supplements or minerals, email:

View Our Pride Feed Catalog


Simplot Calf Starter Programs for Healthy Calves

Simplot Western Stockmen’s helps you give your calves a healthy start with dry feed and feed management programs designed specifically for young calves. Manufactured daily, all of our calf feed formulations have the required vitamins and minerals to meet a dairy and beef calf’s nutritional requirements.

View Our Calf Grains Catalog    Sales Reps

Here is another satisfied Simplot Western Stockmen’s customer. Listen to what Michael Brubaker of Knott Run Farms in Buhl, Idaho has to say about Simplot calf grains. 


Blocks and Minerals

Simplot Western Stockmen’s carries blocks and minerals in various formulas to give your cattle exactly what they need. We have Classic, Premium and Ultra lines as well as an All-Natural block. If your cattle are on low quality forage, stressed, lacking vitamins and minerals or are in an All-Natural program, we have what they need.

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Simplot Western Stockmen’s handles and merchandises several commodity feed products, including but not limited to whole, rolled, steam-flaked, bumped, ground and mixed grains. We also carry a variety of proteins and byproducts.

Product Availability by Location: 
Mountain Home, Idaho – whole and steam-flaked corn
Burbank, Washington – whole corn and ground corn
Caldwell, Idaho – Whole, processed and mixed grains, proteins and byproduct

Commodities Information and Purchase Contacts:

Cole Colson
(208) 780-4817

Kasi Deveney
(208) 780-4856



Simplot Western Stockmen’s has been selling quality seed for the nutrition-minded cattle rancher and farmer for over 35 years. We take pride in offering a variety of strong-performing seeds and strive to choose the best seed genetics for yield and quality for your farm.

We work with local growers to source the highest quality seeds, and are ready to ensure you will be planting what is best for your operation all year long.

Seed varieties available from the Simplot Western Stockmen's seed store:


  • Soft White Spring: Alturas, Seahawk
  • Soft White Winter: AP Iliad, Bobtail, Brundage 96, SY Raptor, SY Ovation 


  • Oats: Monida, Otana 
  • Barley: Stockford 
  • Spring Triticale: TriCal Flex 719™, TriCal Surge™ 
  • Fall Triticale: Gainer 154


  • Oats: Monida, Otana 
  • Fall Barley: Verdant 
  • Spring Barley: Millennium (6-row), Claymore (2-row) 


  • W-L Conventional Alfalfas: W-L 319, W-L 354
  • W-L Round-Up Ready Alfalfas: W-L 336 RR, W-L 356 RR, W-L 372 RR
  • Grasses and Pasture
  • Pasture Mixes: Olympic Elite, Northwest Blend
  • Forage Grass: Forage Sorghums, Seco Orchardgrass, Tuscany II Tall Fescue
  • Lawn Blend: 50/50 Rye BlueGrass
  • Cover Crop: Radish, Turnip

In addition to these seeds, Simplot Western Stockmen's also conducts feed sales from our designated feed mill.

For more information or to purchase a product, contact

Rob Allison
Office: (208) 780-4854
Cell: (208) 850-0597

Simplot Western Stockmen's Locations

We offer a variety of products you need in one location. At Simplot Western Stockmen’s, we have all the supplies you need for your cattle, horses, chickens, goals, sheep, pigs and rabbits.

And if you don’t want to search the store to find all the items you need, pass your list off to our staff and we’ll gladly grab everything for you. We’ll even load it in your vehicle while you enjoy our complimentary coffee bar.

We currently have four SWS store locations in Idaho and Washington.

Simplot Western Stockmen’s Sales Reps

Our staff goes through trainings from our vendors frequently, so we are up to date on all the industry’s best practices. If we don’t know the answer, we are only a phone call away from the many local vets, technical reps and industry sales professionals that we have excellent relationships with.

Kurt Wolsborn
General Manager
(208) 780-4806

Ben Gavica
Dir. Sales & Marketing
(208) 780-4870

Ramona Ridley
Marketing Solutions Manager
(208) 780-4868

For wholesale services, including bulk sales, please call Ben Gavica at (208) 780-4870.

Big Sky Region
Eastern Region

Russ Paceley
Dairy Team
(208) 312-0357

Mackenzie Stevens
Beef Team
(208) 731-2117

Jim Ryska
Beef Team
(208) 890-4312

Central Region

Brian Harris
Beef Team Manager
(208) 850-0318

Terry Bennett
Dairy Team
(208) 250-1092

Mandy Marks
Beef Team
(208) 985-4942

Mike McHugh
Dairy Team
(208) 250-7339

CeCe Pratt
Dairy Team
(208) 369-7869

Chad De Witt
Beef Team

Western Region

Kyle Marino
Beef Team
(541) 699-8347

Northwest Region

Dean Hibbs
Dairy Team 
(509) 420-3320

Reid Benjert  
Dairy Team
(509) 439-9312

Curtiss Ickes
Beef Team
(509) 426-0737

Trusted Brands we Carry

We offer a large selection of products from high quality trusted manufacturers including:

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Industry Partners

  • American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)
  • California Cattlemen’s Association
  • DairyWest
  • Idaho Cattlemen’s Association
  • Montana Stock Growers
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 


  • Nevada Cattlemen’s Association
  • Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
  • Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council
  • Washington Cattlemen’s Association
  • Washington Cattle Feeders
  • Washington Dairy Farmers

Empowering a Workforce for Good

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are woven into our business practices, commitments and core values to ensure we meet our goal of helping to feed a growing population for generations to come.